...What's a poor man to do?

Twenty-Ten, 2k1k, 2010 whatever you call it its here. A decade behind us and the whole year before us. As always no New Year would be complete without some resolutions that all of us will make, few of us will keep and even fewer of us will admit failing by end of this month. So in the spirit of so many quiting smoking, losing a few pounds and paying off the debt they never should have gotten themselves into I too came up with some resolutions too. But since I don't smoke, I'm not overweight like the majority of our nation and my debt is so closed to being paid off I can taste don't look at these as being nearly as interesting. Challenging possibly. But this isn't going to be anything like Tiger Wood's 2009 grand finale but I don't think ever will. So here we go:
  1. Take more pictures (including a picture a day of myself for 100 days straight)
  2. Memorize the Ranger Creed
  3. Do at least 1 Rosetta Stone Spanish lesson a day (for at least the rest of the deployment)
  4. Do more Crossfit & Crossfit Endurance
So there it is. Nothing fancy or interesting. But hey what else am I going to do in Iraq?


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