The Way of the Open Palm

Sometime ago I thought I would change the way I lived. Some people saw it as me being disconnected, overly relaxed, not serious enough, lazy, etc. You get the picture. Different. I called it: "The Way of the Open Palm". I know, sounds cool huh? I didn't really know where I came up with the title until a Google search returned this. Which I thought was pretty funny having read it ( yes, I've played the game)

As we all do some 20/20 evaluations on the 2009 I can say I did loosely hold to the game's definition (but without the universal harmony garbage). Basically this is what I've tried to do with my interpretation of the "The Way of the Open Palm"

  • Be happy of whatever "drops" into your palm
  • Be just as happy of whatever is "removed" from your palm
  • Never try to keep what is in your "palm" from others
  • Always try to give what is in your "palm" to others if it will help them
I know it's nothing theologically groundbreaking but having observed others who may have not subscribed I think its a better solution than doing the opposites of those few bullets. Just a thought for 09-10. But if this doesn't seem like it's your thing there's always The Way of the Closed Fist.


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