2xMovie of the Work Day: Hackers & Bravo Two Zero

"Mess with the best, die like the rest"

Interesting qoute because it doesn't come from the movie about the SAS. Its from Hackers. This movie when I saw it the fist time was amazing. It inspired me in some ways. Part of reason why I know more than the average Joe about computersand the internet. Unfortunatly seeing it after learning all I did about computers since I saw this movie years ago, the moive had my shaking my head. It was mostly because it was so innaccurate and stereotypical. I was struggling not laugh. But I guess if a moive can make you laugh at least it's making you feel good. Or making the time go by.

"London's Calling" -The Clash (The song plays throughout the movie & I like it.)

Now Bravo Two Zero was first a book that I have seen time and time again on shelfs anywhere military books are sold. I never thought to read it since it was mostly about the British SAS and apart from playing as them on Call of Duty, I don't know much about the unit. But I saw it on the Shared Drive and thought why not. Nothing like a little spec ops to make sitting at a desk feel even more boring. But the movie actually was very good and I wasn't bored at anytime during the watch. Well directed and the narrative by Sean Bean kept things in perspective. Now that I've seen it, I may read it. If you can find the book or movie it's worth the watch or read I'm sure.


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