Movie of the Work Day: Biker Boyz

"Burn rubber not your soul"

Let me start off by saying compared to Torque, Biker Boyz should have been awarded an Oscar and probably several Academy Awards. Not saying much but a significant improvement over the highly green screened Torque. Biker Boyz, surprisingly had a story the first problem of Torque. Despite its corny spelling the movie wasn't that bad & it had Laurence Fishburne. So at least his lines were delivered well. Although there was a lot of motorcycles and scantly clad women that some how magically appear at the revving of engines the movie did have a legitimate story and an interesting soundtrack. Of course there were some hip/hop & rap songs but also some country and some other tunes. Interesting film. Could it have been better? Yes. Was it better than Torque? Mos Def. Best part of the film: Kid Rock plays a character called Dog. Classic. So if you're into real beyond green screen motorcycle racing & tricks check out this film. If not at least you'll kill sometime dreaming of what it could be like being the "King of Cali"


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