Movie of the Work Day: Fist of Legend

This movie will put me up to date with all the movies I've watched having finished this one today. I actually thought it was Fist of Fury, the Bruce Lee movie, when I clicked on it. But this is a good one too. Early Jet Li who is fast as ever in the movie and the fight scenes are well done. Dubbing is not on pare as more recent Jet Li films like Hero but who cares about the story when Jet Li is in the movie. Good quote too:

"If you learn to be fluid, to adapt, you will be unbeatable"

For kung-fu film fanatics I'm sure this is an essential. For the rest of us that love to see some quality fight scenes without the Green Screen this is a good one too. Now that I'm caught up I'll try to post just as I finish movies as oppose to going on posting sprees like I had today. Also feel free to make your recommendations on what I should watch next in the comments. The library here is pretty vast.


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